The Peoples Army

The Peoples Army is a movement of like-minded thinkers that do not believe in the system that is failing us. If you share our beliefs your apart of us.


For years we have allowed large industries to mould and shape our views on society. Our culture has been manipulated and watered down by disposable art of little or no substance, TV images, fashion and propaganda in general...




A community of individuals working together to provide unity, understanding and positive social change through music, arts and educations.


From city to city... From country to country... For people who want to listen... Make it more than words... TAKE ACTION!!!


Our aim: To educate with music... With the hope to free the trapped and unconscious minds... ELEVATE!


Our purpose: To energise the collective diversity of those of us, willing to take determined responsible control of our own environment. To acknowledge our dutiful responsibility to nurture our culture. To facilitate activities that educate, politicise, and provide guidance to our youth.


HOWEVER this is more than just a movement. It's a call for revolution, but also a call for peace. To no longer let society mould and shape our views. To no longer be manipulated by TV images, fashion and propaganda in general... Let everyday be the birth of a new day. Travel from city to city... From country to country, expressing righteous words for people who want to listen. Make it more than words. Make it ACTION!!! Educate with music... Free trapped unconscious minds.









Some history of the Peoples Army: (Taken off the Album True Talk - download here)








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Things can only be looking up for The Peoples Army movement:


Mic Righteous EP 'Open Mic' - reached No.1 in the ITunes Hip-Hop Chart


Logic and Last Resort’s latest album TrueTalk reached number 7 in the iTunes UK Hip-hop chart after only 24 hours of release!


Lowkey’s No.1 Soundtrack To The Struggle, reached No.1 in the iTunes Uk Hip-hop chart.


Lowkeys very popular single “Long Live Palestine Part 2″ reached the Number One spot on the Amazon Hip-Hop download chart. The single was a charity single.

"homegrown, politically engaged rapper"


"A lot of rappers talk about what they have and what you can never have. It's like rubbing it in someone's face."


"The music industry, at the highest level, is shaking hands, in my opinion, I'm afraid to say, with the war industry."

"After the heralded "Soundtrack To The Struggle" album and work with Immortal Technique, Lowkey went to Facebook to explain he's leaving the music industry to focus on his studies."


"Gifted for being able to paint vivid images in succinct musical verses as well as exposing injustices in carefully constructed yet seamlessly flowing lyrics"



Created by Ajay Gulati