The Peoples Army

What is "The Peoples Army"?!

By Logic

I have been asked this question so many times that i thought this might be the best way to let everyone know. Once you read it please forward to your friends (cos i cant tag everyone) .


Well…I try keep it brief…

Where to begin…


For me, The idea was with me from the start.

From the day I built my studio in my bedroom at the tender age of 16.

I wanted everyone to come together, get off the streets and start to express our lives through music.


This Idea was labelled ‘Fields Affiliated’. Being named after the estate where we all grew was not the smartest move in the long run but it was a start.


From here I started to branch out. No offense to my mandem, but as a collective we were not pushing any boundaries and I felt like we were stuck in the same place for too long. Releasing mix CD’s on a small local scale. I started hitting open mikes and hearing other rappers, and hearing what they sound like. (Before this I only really played them yankee wally’s).


The energy from this formed a collective called ‘Why-Lout’.

This was a short phase.


From here I came back to my ends.

Jaja and Inch (along with others) rebuilt PDC as a music based organisation.

This was a powerful time.

To see the mandem unite and start something was emotional.

Circumstance’s have slowed down the limelight but the progress is still being made (Jaja still moving)


After I released My debut solo album ‘Gaberlunzie’ i was abit lost with direction i think.

Still wanted a united team but had to develop as an artist also.

Created the ‘NWO’ movement with Lowkey.

Even now im still sitting on unreleased solo projects as well as the NWO project but we didnt think it was time for this right now. Plus we understood that the words ‘New World Order’ are famous for thier own reason and at a glance, people might not get what we are trying to promote.


Anyway rambling…this is my first note so bear with me people…..


Peoples Army formed.


A non profit organistion aimed to increase awareness of the current situation.


Its not Logics army or Lowkeys army or Snuffs army…Its the people’s.

Meaning that anyone who feels what we are trying to do can be a part without question.




We are trying to develop a platform from which we will be able to reach greater heights.

Our views and thoughts must be expressed in our music.

The next generation are so misled by what they are forced to listen to. I say forced cos if you put on choice fm or kiss fm (UKs biggest ‘urban’ radio stations) please tell me what you hear.


So if your a promoter start a peoples army night where you live.

Get in touch with us and we will help any way we can.

If your a producer, link us.

If your a journalist start the blogs going.

Any way you feel you could contribute is a good thing. Trust.

Attend meeting and share your views and ideas on how we can push this forward.

We need to progress and build something that is heard.


And from here there is no telling where we can take it….


‘The People’s Party’?




Peace Love and Guidance,





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Some history of the Peoples Army, By Logic: (Taken off the Album True Talk - download here)








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