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2Xplicit A-Dot Akala Awake Beatdox Unorthedox

Big Cakes Big Frizzle Big P Black The Ripper (Samson) Blind Alphabets Caxton Press Cerose Cyclonious D.Syze DJ Snuff DJ Steaz. Doc 4 Dockmini DVS Emerge Mc English (Frantic) Frank Genesis Elijah George The Poet GPH Haka Hitman HK Ishues Jah Micracle

Jai - Esh Oc Jugga Jai Smoggy Jaja Soze Jors

Kasha Kid8 Kyza Sayso Last Resort Leddie and Smoggy

Logic Loki Lowkey Mali Manage skeme

Marcel Cartier Marlon Tate Maverick Sabre Mic Righteous Mike GLC Mohammed Yahya Mr Drastick Nasty Emcee Nate Nickel One Wish Preecha Prose Question Rebel Red Skull Renee Soul Reveal Rewd Adams Riz MC S.Kalibre Shooting Star Soldiers Ayman Soloman Squiree St Smiff Stubborn Stylah Sub Zero SwiftYute T.R.U.T.H. Tha Truth Triggs Vega Vally Victory Blite Wizard YBM Yello Yeshua


(More to be named!)




What is 'music' in the eyes of the artists?!


"Music is the perfect combination of expression, challenge and creativity. Through the form of music I can share ideas, push myself past my own limits and do anything I want... I think that's true of all great artforms." - Last Resort.


"Music isn't anything to me it is me. I am music" - Genesis Elijah.


"Music’s the life and soul. My body will not and cannot function without it. To me, it’s the thing that gets me up in the morning and in the same way puts me to sleep again. I have an enigmatic relationship with music to a point I can feel it pulsate my body. Thus, music for me is an unexplainable energy that feeds my soul and mind." - Stubborn


"Music is life's soundtrack." - Big Cakes


"Music is myself expression and my outlet of thoughts, views and opinions and a way for me to make sense of my past or certain things that have happened. When I analyse and think about them to put them into a song, I can understand situations better, and grow from them."-Leddie


"Music to me is many things but a few things would be communication, emotion, therapy or the opposite, deep messages or entertainment" - T.R.U.T.H.







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(Below are some facts about certain artists, that we bet you didnt know before!)



I used to DJ drum & bass before getting involved in hip hop production, and still love it now (well, some haha)






Growing up I had to live with the most irritating and uncomfortable lisp making it harder for me to pronounce certain words. This was up until about the age of 14 when I decided to make a stand against my own speech impediment, forcing myself out of the habit. I now find it difficult to slip back into my old habits although when I make music you may often hear the slight miss pronunciation of words, but that’s usually once in the bluest moon.



I used to be a UK karate champion when I was 12.










I don't actually have a bone in my nose and can completely flatten it!




Riz Mc has starred in many films some of which include; The Road to Guantanamo, Shifty, Britz, The Reluctant Fundamentalist and he played Omar in Four Lions!






I play the Smurfs & Simpsons game on my Iphone.


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